Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Random Sketches: 1

Practicing realism when it comes to hair.
Something like a watercolor portrait.
I was trying out making watercolor galaxies for the first time. I did enjoy painting them.


Sunday, April 19, 2015

Alyea Ann: The Artist

I'm literally making 2015 my art year. What I mean by that is I'm going to do everything that I can to progress as an artist. For far too long I've held myself back and it's truly stupid to want to make art my career and passion when I refuse to work on my art by constantly procrastinating. I'm only hurting myself and growing into what I do not want to become. I have already made some major changes in my life that has helped me kick start 2015 in the best direction for me and I can't wait to see what else is in store. 

  • No boyfriend; he wasn't holding me back but I was more focused on being around him than working on my passion.
  • Moved out my parents house.
  • Left the city of Philadelphia.
  • Got a better paying job that ISN'T in the restaurant field.
  • I'm literally doing my best to surround myself with art and artists.
  • I'm thinking/doing wants best for me even if I don't want to.
I usually don't like abrupt change but that's what has helped me change my life around. Change is good, change is necessary, and if done for the best change is healthy for you.

Friday, January 30, 2015

"3 Images of Art for 5 Days"

There's this mini challenge going on Facebook among some artists and I where we post three images of our artwork a day for the next five days. There aren't any set rules except what is stated and you nominate someone else to do the five day challenge too. You can make new are, show old art, or a combo of both. In my opinion it's up to the artist. For the last two days I've been posting old artwork. This is mainly because I don't really have any new artwork to showcase and that sucks, in my opinion, as an artist I don't make enough art to do a simple challenge as this. I just need to be more discipline when it comes to making my art. I can't expect to be great when I only work on it when I feel inspired.

I was nominated my great friend and artist D'nae Harrison who I admire so much because she's not only an awesome person but an amazing artist too! Also, she's a fellow Penn Stater and you don't get any better than a Penn Stater (WE ARE PENN STATE) She also knows how I've been procrastinating on my art and is always encouraging me to work on it. This is the main reason why she's the best because she's always looking out for the best in me. #RealFriendsBeLike 

Day 1 - "Sketches"

Day 2 - "The Start" : My sophomore year in college is really when I decided I wanted to make art my passion. I had to take a mandatory art class for a gen ed and I decided on a oil painting class. It was one of the best decisions I've ever made in college. These are some of my first paintings.

This is my very first oil painting.

Brasil = Future home

I have a weird obsession with zombies.

Day 3 - "Portraits": When I actually do work on portraits they either turn out well or basic as shit. 

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Here's That Sketch I Promised

Here's my vet late sketch. ^_^ This is something very simple but a good sketch of a nose. Go to my Instagram for more artwork. @AlyeaAnn

Sunday, October 5, 2014

1 Year Plan: Art

On August 7th I made a list of personal goals that I need to accomplish in the next year in order for me to get back in school. Then I started adding things I feel I need to improve in other aspects of my life. On my first blog ( Alyea Ann: 1 Year Plan: School) you can read about my journey to get back into school. On August 11th I decided to take on my list and fulfill my dreams within the next year. 

As an artist I don't make enough art; sketches, drawings, paintings, & photography. I have the desire but don't always act when I'm inspired. That's my problem; waiting until I feel inspired to draw, paint, or take my camera out and create art. One of my favorite quotes that sums up my life as an artist is "Inspiration exists, it has to find you working." - Pablo P. I must work at my art EVERYDAY to see improvements or I'll just remain in the same spot. Though I am posting this post late today will not be the start of my 1 Year Art Plan, according to my countdown I have 309 days 6 hours & 36 mins to become a better artist. As of now I have some idea for what my next plan will be but I'll elaborate on that in a later post. As for now expect a drawing from me sometime this upcoming week. 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

IG Sketch

Here's a sketch I'm currently doing of an artist that I follow on Instagram.

I promised myself that I'll make this into a painting. It's been soooo long since I painted. When I'm done I'll post who inspired this work. 

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Photographer In Me

So I got a new camera last week; Nikon D3000, and I'm very excited about it! I've been talking about buying a DSLR and kick starting a career in photography since I first decided to become a photographer some odd years back. However, I either never had the money to buy one or I spent my money on things that wasn't a necessity. Now that I have the camera....I don't know where to start, what to do and I'm nervous to start anything,

However, I can't just sit around and do nothing. I'm 24 I need to be doing something going towards having a career. Not just any career that'd be best financially I want a career that I want to have. I want a career as an artist; photography, painting, &/or drawing. If I just so happen to find a another way to express myself creatively in an artistic way I want to do that too! I just know that I don't want the typical office or anything to do with a 9-5. I, however, also needs to get better at being an artist. I need to practice my craft EVERYDAY and on my blog is where you & I will see my progress.

Here's my baby his name is Jose. :)